Florence, 1878

The story of how an Italian personal care icon reached the homes of millions of people around the world


Once upon a time there was a small pharmacy in Florence...

In the mid-1800s, Tornabuoni street was one of the most important streets in the center of Florence and here, between commercial activities and intellectual centers, Henry Roberts opens his pharmacy. At the time, the pharmacy was not just a shop, but a real social point of reference where the pharmacist, after dealing with customers and passers-by, returned to the back room to make the products that could best satisfy the needs emerged. Here, in 1878, Boro-talcum was born, the velvety powder that since then would have pampered the skin of millions of people of all ages.

Pharmaceutical lab H. Roberts & Co


The best powder for the skin

Borotalco is packaged in the historic green tin and as such enters the homes of Italians. Through a unique and winning communication path, which immediately makes it "The best powder for the skin", Borotalco goes through over a century of history.

The iconic Borotalco green tin


Borotalco is for the whole family

The advertising communication of those years made Borotalco known and appreciated for all its many virtues. Borotalco is the ideal aftershave for him, delicate powder for her and a refreshing and soothing powder for all children. Then as now, talcum powder has a thousand uses.

ADV Borotalco


The one and only

In recent years, there have been many attempts to imitate a great success, but after all its history and historical posters tell us: "If it's not Roberts, it's not Borotalco".



Borotalco's communication evolves in line with media innovations. If the poster had been the protagonist until the '40s, television was born in the '50s with the aim of informing, educating and entertaining. In 1957, Carosello arrived in the home of Italians as the first television advertisement that, thanks to the economic boom, began to bring brands to the minds of millions of people. A real revolution in communication but above all, in consumption. Short films by Borotalco are also broadcasted in the Carosello, reaching over 10 million people of all ages.

ADV Borotalco


A Borotalco for every occasion

In the 90s, Borotalco extended its velvety and absorbent properties and its iconic olfactory signature to other products by offering a complete hygiene and body care line. These are modern and quality products that accompany the consumer in every gesture of daily care.

Borotalco range ADV


Forget sweating

The continuous research of the Manetti & Roberts Laboratories gives life to a complete range of products aligned with the new consumers’ needs. Original was born: the first line of deodorants with Microtalc that absorbs sweat, for a new dry effect with the perfume of Borotalco. Thanks to the new Borotalco Deodorants with Natural Microtalc, many families can finally say ... 'Forget sweating! '


International expansion

Borotalco does not stop and the growth of the brand goes beyond national borders, bringing the Italian icon of personal care to the world.


A new look and feel

The range of deodorants is completely renewed, with a more modern packaging: minimal design, the exclusive metallic and pearly cylinder with a chrome effect, new materials and labels with refined plays of foils and opacifying paints. Active range was born: with the exclusive Odor-Converter ™, designed to guarantee fresh efficacy with a scent that "the more you sweat, the more it works".


Embrace life

2022 is a turning point for the communication of the brand that wants to get even closer to all its consumers. Borotalco focuses on an extremely spontaneous yet powerful gesture: the hug. It is a gesture that contains all the most authentic emotions, capable of making you feel good, and it is a gesture that goes beyond, to the point of becoming an invitation to open up to others and embrace all the emotions that life offers us. And Borotalco gives you all the security you need to fully experience them, because with Borotalco life "smells good" in touch with others.


120 Years of Borotalco

Some products are part of people's history, they characterize it and are unforgettably linked to it. Just like cologne for Germans or Marseille soap for the French, Borotalco is an unmistakable icon for Italians that "smells good", clean, and brings back pleasant childhood memories. With its 120 years long history, Borotalco has contributed to Italian culture and tradition by becoming a symbol of Italian identity. This historical significance carries the excellence of Italian craftsmanship, widespread in Italy and abroad with simple everyday caring products. It is also thanks to this that Borotalco was included in the Register of Historical Trademarks of national interest in 2022: a prestigious recognition conferred by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, which certifies the historical importance of companies that have always been committed to promoting "Made in Italy".